Miracles (35) of Jesus in the Gospels

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The miracles listed below exclude the virgin birth, transfiguration, appearance to disciples in a locked room, resurrection, and those only indicated by what Jesus said; and also the Ascension, which is described in The Acts of the Apostles.

Adapted from a paper presented by S Boydell to the Mott MacDonald (Croydon) Christian Fellowship on 14 October 2003 and based on information from a number of sources including the Thompson Chain Reference Bible and Wycliffe Encyclopedia.

Miracle (listed roughly in chronological order) Matthew Mark Luke John
Water to wine at marriage in Cana 2:9
Royal official's son at Capernaum healed (at a distance) of fever 4:46
Invalid by pool (waiting for waters to be stirred) healed 5:5
First catch of fish after disciples hadn't caught any all night 5:6
Evil spirit driven out of man in synagogue in Capernaum 1:26 4:35
Peter's mother-in-law healed of fever 8:14 1:31 4:38
Man with leprosy cleansed ('Lord if you are willing...') 8:3 1:41 5:13
Paralytic through roof healed ('Your sins are forgiven...') 9:2 2:3 5:18
Man with shrivelled hand healed 12:10 3:1 6:6
Centurion's servant healed at distance 8:5 7:2
Widow's son at Nain raised from dead 7:11
Demon possessed blind and dumb man healed (Beelzebub) 12:22 11:14
Storm stilled 8:26 4:39 8:24
Demons driven from demoniacs into pigs in region of Gadara 8:28 5:1 8:26
Woman with bleeding cured when she touched Jesus's clothes 9:20 5:25 8:43
Jarius' daughter raised from dead 9:18 5:42 8:41
Blind men receive sight ('Have mercy on us son of David...') 9:27
Dumb man with demon able to speak when demon driven out 9:32
5000 fed 14:15 6:41 9:12 6:5
Walking on water 14:25 6:49 6:19
Syro-Phonecian woman's demonized daughter healed 15:22 7:25
Deaf and dumb man healed 7:33
4000 fed 15:32 8:8
Blind man receives sight in 2 stages ('trees walking') 8:23
Epileptic boy has evil spirit driven out 17:14 9:26 9:38
Coin from mouth of fish for temple tax 17:24
10 lepers cleansed 17:12
Man born blind receives sight 9:7
Woman crippled by a spirit healed in a synagogue 13:11
Man with dropsy healed at a Pharisees house on the Sabbath 14:2
2 blind men receive sight as Jesus leaves Jericho (1=Bartimaeus) 20:30 10:46 18:43
Fig tree cursed 21:19 11:21
Lazarus raised from dead 11:44
Malchus' cut-off ear restored 22:51 18:10
2nd catch of fish (post resurrection) when disciples hadn't caught all night 21:6
Totals 20 17 20 9

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